4Ft - 6Ft Telescoping Module Bar Height (41")

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  • 4Ft - 6Ft Telescoping Module Bar Height (41")
  • 4Ft - 6Ft Telescoping Module Bar Height (41")
  • 4Ft - 6Ft Telescoping Module Bar Height (41")
  • 4Ft - 6Ft Telescoping Module Bar Height (41")


4 Ft - 6 Ft Module BAR HEIGHT 41" Steel Tubes   

IN STOCK! (Ships in 3-7 Business Days)



BBQ Tubes products are not cheap steel studs that last a short time. Our products are HEAVY DUTY STEEL used by Industry for commercial use! If you really want something comparable to building an outdoor kitchen with concrete block witout all the hassle and labor cost Bbq Tubes is hands down your best choice!

 This is a 4ft-6ft module steel frame that stands at 41" high.  Within minutes you can assemble this 4ft-6ft module with self tapping framing screws (sold separate). Buy as many of these modules as you want and connect them together with 2 conenctor plates per union.Once you assemble the module then you will install your appliance cutout kits, upgrade kits (back splash and/or over hang).Under the base of the frame you will install composite decking board strips.  You will also need to buy cement board locally. Cement board is around $10 for a 3x5ft sheet or the larger 8ft x 4ft-6ft for approx $22


You can save thousands of dollars by using our system while having the peace of mind that our products are heavy duty steel and will support all of your heavy appliances and even granite and concrete slab counter tops and stone veneer siding.  Our frames are heavy duty with welded steel tube corners and no cut steel connectors. (Patent Pending)


8 ea 3 way corner couplers

12 ea one way couplers

10 ea VT tubes (Bar Height) 

4 ea EF tubes

4ea 40mm LW tubes

4 ea 37mm LW tubes

4 ea 40mm adapter tubes 


NOTES: extra VT’s for 5 & 6ft length sold separate. For a 5 ft length buy 2 extra VT’s For a 6ft length buy 4 extra VT’s in some design s you may need to buy extra 40 mm adapter


Not Included:

cement board, screws, air vents, actual appliances, etc.

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