Diagonal Corner Module with Sink/Countertop Support Kit for BBQ Islands

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Diagonal Corner Module with Sink/Countertop Support Kit for BBQ Islands

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Diagonal Corner Module with Sink/Counter Top Support Kit (2024 Version)

4ft-8ft Telescoping Module Bar Height for DIY BBQ Islands

Reg 649.99  DOOR BUSTER only $299.99

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This is our famous 31 1/2" Diagonal Corner module used for large L or U Island Designs.

This is a big module and is best for large patios only.

The front diagonal is approx 18 3/4" and best fits a 14x20 vertical door to access plumbing for sink or egg soot opening.


45 3/4 x 45 3/4" on the 2 rear sides

31 1/2" one the 2 ends where straight modules will connect

35" Height



4ea Length Tubes 43 3/4" x 25mm (Red paint)

4ea Length Tubes 30 3/4" x 25mm (Red paint)

2ea 21mm Diagonal Front Tubes

9ea Vertical Tubes (Yellow paint) (2 of these VT are for a door at the angle)

6ea 3 way corner couplers

10ea One Way Couplers (Standard with both wings)

4ea One Way Couplers (For tight spaces with one wing)

Sink / Countertop Kit for Outdoor Kitchen Diagonal Corner Module

2ea 45 Degree Couplers

6ea one way couplers

2ea 4ft x 25mm tubes

2 each CTT

Not Included: Actual outdoor kitchen appliances, cement board, screws, vents, leveling feet , etc...

It does not include the egg smoker platform to support an outdoor kitchen smoker. (sold separate)


Instructions for pre 2023 version