WE Offer 2 Outdoor Kitchen Framing Systems!

Our Premium System is named BBQ TUBES and it includes our revolutionary new connectube couplers and all steel tubes with a  Lifetime Guarantee.  This system is best for most homeowners and beginners or anyone who wants the strongest frame possible with no screw heads on the outside of frame.


System #2 is named 99 Dollar System. This is a generic version of the stud and track system with tube corners similar to the well known BBQ Coach brand.  The cutout kits with this system include no cut connectors.  The system is more difficult than our BBQ Tube system so we recommend it to homeowners that are more handy or on a tight budget.      It is still heavy duty with 18 gauge steel tracks and structural studs. To improve its strength we added our steel tubes to the corners. 

note: we have no affiliation with BBQ Coach and are not a dealer for them.