BBQ Tubes is the #1 Manufacturer of Outdoor Kitchen Frame kits in America. Homeowners Love our new Patent Pending BBQ Tube system that is very easy to assemble. It uses real heavy duty square steel tube. We also over an 18 gauge heavy duty steel track and stud system for homeowners with more experience. Both systems offer easy to use connectors. We are happy to help you with either system to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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BBQ TUBES is the strongest, fastest DIY Outdoor Kitchen Framing System on Earth. It's as easy as connecting legos. We also offer a lower price stud and track system called BBQ Frame Kits (Compare to BBQ Coach)

The BBQ Coach System has been used by over 20,000 families over the last 10 years. We offer the identical system for lower prices than BBQ Coach. This system is best for people with more DIY Experience. Our system is Identical to BBQ Coach.

With either system, we are happy to help you build the Outdoor Kitchen of your dreams.

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