BBQ Tubes Make The Strongest BBQ Frames On Earth!

BBQ Tubes Make The Strongest BBQ Frames On Earth!

BBQ Tubes are 10 times stronger than cheap steel studs for around the same price!

BBQ Tubes are 1" x 1"  steel tubes normally used for welding. Everyone knows a welded steel frame is incredibly strong, much stronger than a frame built with steel studs.  It is a no brainer that it is far better to use tubular steel for your outdoor kitchen frame than steel studs. If you look at a steel stud it only has steel on 3 sides vs tubular steel that has 4 sides which is far stronger and does not flex.   However most DIY Homeowners do not weld and even if they do they will find the cost of raw tubular steel around $4 or $5 linear ft which is very expensive for something that is not pre-cut.  Also galvanized steel tubes are dangerous to weld because of the galvanization fumes are very bad to breathe. No one wants to weld galvanized steel.  But the galvanization is important for outdoor use making our BBQ Tubes all weather approved.

At BBQ Tubes we  cut the galvanized tubular steel into the correct lengths to create our modular bbq frames. We also offer metal connectors that allow you to screw the steel tubes together. No Welding needed!

Finally DIYers can have  the strength of a welded tubular steel frame without the welding!    An Outdoor Kitchen frame constructed with our BBQ Tubes will easily support heavy concrete or granite slab counters, stone siding and heavy grills and appliances.  If you want an outdoor kitchen that will last a lifetime your best choice it to use the BBQ Tubes. 

Feb 15th 2014 Christopher Munoz Professional Outdoor Kitchen Builder

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